Vehicle Rental

Need a vehicle for a short period of time? We can set you up with the vehicle that is right for your particular requirements.

Rental Rates Fuel Key

For assistance, call 612-625-3033.

Dispatch Hours (for picking up a rental vehicle): 
6:30 am - 6:30 pm, Monday - Friday 
7:00 am - Noon, Sunday

Rental Pick-up Customers!  If a particular driver will not be present at the time of rental pick up, please provide Fleet Services with the following information before the rental vehicle will be released:
- Driver's Name/Date of Birth
- License State of Issue and Expiration
(if you plan to email a copy of a person's driver license, FIRST please black out ALL private information, including address/driver's license #/gender) 

24-Hour Voyager Fleet Road Side Assistance (for rental vehicles)
Not valid in Canada 
Find the phone number in two places:
- on the rental agreement you signed 
- on the back of the fuel credit card 
How to use instructions

Office Hours: 
7:45 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

The Fleet Services Building, 901-29th Avenue SE (both the shop and rental operations) is closed on all University holidays.

Fleet Services is CLOSED on Saturdays and vehicles may not be picked up on Saturdays.

University of Minnesota assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft or damage to your vehicle while parked in Fleet Services lot or on public streets during the rental period.


  • Reasonable rates
  • Fuel cost coverd under rental charge
  • Parking for customer's personal vehicle
  • Voyager fuel credit card provided (not valid in Canada)
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Direct EFS/PeopleSoft billing

What We Need From You

    1. Type of vehicle (car, minivan, cargo van, pickup or larger truck)
    2. Your destination
    3. Date and time of your pick-up and return
    4. Contact Person/Phone Number
    5. Department Name
    6. EFS/PeopleSoft Account Number
    7. EFS/PeopleSoft Accounting Person/Phone Number

Do you need to park your rental vehicle on the Twin Cities campus? A Temporary Official Vehicle permit costs $6.00 per day. Read more details.

Do you need to park your personal vehicle while you're using the rental car? You can park for free in the spaces marked "Rental Customer Parking Only" or on the north side of the Fleet building during your rental timeframe.
NOTE: As of February 15, 2016, only one vehicle hangtag will be issued for any private vehicle using the Fleet Services parking lot during a rental reservation period. Fleet Services is not responsible for the security of any vehicles parked in the Fleet Services lot or on public streets during the rental period.

What to do if your trip ends after the Fleet office has closed? Fill out the Trip Sheet you received when you picked up the rental vehicle and place that completed form with the keys into the After-Hours drop box on the side of the building near the car wash.

Who is responsible for tickets, tolls or other citations? Tickets, unpaid tolls, and other citations are the responsibility of the driver, not the department. See the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy. NOTE: Tolls are reimbursable travel expenses, however, late fees associated with unpaid tolls are the responsibility of the driver.

Rental Conditions

  • All drivers must be on the university payroll. If not, they must be a student or volunteer with written permission from the head of the renting department. All drivers must be at least 19 years of age and have a valid driver's license from one of the 50 states or Canada. We accept restricted driver's licenses.
  • The person picking up a vehicle must present his/her driver's license. All other drivers must have their name and driver's license number on the rental agreement.
  • The only passengers allowed in any vehicle are those on official university business. No exceptions.
  • All accidents must be reported, whether or not there was any damage done to the university vehicle.
  • Renters are liable for all damage to the vehicle, whether or not it is accident related. Fleet Services will only reimburse the cost of damages when an accident report is filed and the claim is approved by insurance.
  • Vehicles must be returned in clean condition (without excessive dirt and debris). An Excessive Cleaning Fee of $50 may be assessed to departments. This fee can be waived if the department uses Fleet's detail bay to clean the vehicle.
  • A vehicle cannot be dispatched without the necessary approval(s) and documentation.

How to Transport Canoes and Animals in University Vehicles


Renters are responsible for ensuring canoes and kayaks are properly secured to a Fleet vehicle. Departments will be held responsible for any damage caused by negligence. Note: Tules are available for free upon request and can be used on any vehicle with roof racks.


All live animals that are transported in University vehicles should be crated or otherwise kept contained while in the vehicle.

Research Guidelines

When vehicles are used for field work, please take reasonable care to protect the vehicle. We are all stewards of University property.

This includes, but is not limited to, these guidelines:

  • Drive slowly on dirt roads
  • Avoid driving large vehicles down heavily-forested areas
  • Put all research chemicals into plastic totes

We appreciate your cooperation.


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