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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Expanded on Campus

Posted: 2/21/17

For those who have noticed the installation of additional electric vehicle charging stations on campus, the wait is over.  Last week, the equipment was given the green light to be opened for public use.

With this program expansion completed, the University now has three types of charging stations on campus – the fast-charger, the half-day, and the all-day.

In December 2014, the U launched one fast-charger and six half-day electric vehicle charging stations.  The fast-charger was installed near the corner of Washington Avenue and Harvard Street.  The six half-day stations were installed inside parking facilities.  Three stations were located on East Bank in the Washington Avenue Ramp, Oak Street Ramp and Lot 37.  Two were on West Bank in the 21st Avenue Ramp and Lot 86.  The last station was in St. Paul at the Gortner Avenue Ramp.

Last week, new half-day charging stations opened in these locations:

  • 4th Street Ramp
  • Church Street Garage
  • East River Road Garage
  • University Avenue Ramp
  • Maroon Lot
  • 19th Avenue Ramp (West Bank)

Additonally, new all-day charging stations opened in these locations:

  • 4th Street Ramp
  • East River Road Garage
  • Oak Street Ramp
  • Gortner Avenue Ramp (St. Paul)

As before, use of the charging station is free, but the regular parking fee to go into the parking facility must be paid. 

“Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular,” said Steve Sanders, PTS alternative transportation manager. “For our customers who own these vehicles, many park for more than eight hours.  These re-charging stations give them one less thing to worry about when they are away from home.” 

Learn more about the U's electric vehicle charging stations.

Electric vehicles support a clean environment, reduce dependence on oil and operate at a lower cost than gasoline-powered vehicles. 

Snow? Wind? Ice? Check Out Smart Travel Tips

Posted: 1/25/17

Metro Transit offers some transit tips that can help make your ride more comfortable.

Safety is a shared responsibility.

Specific Church Street Garage Spaces Signed for Short-Term Parking

Posted: 12/14/16

Effective Friday, December 16, 2016, Parking & Transportation Services will post 2-hour parking spaces on the entry level of Church Street Garage. 

These spaces will be intended for guest/visitor use, ideal for short periods of time on campus. 

This initiative will support the University's sustainability efforts by decreasing vehicle emissions through lowering the amount of time that visitors spend driving around this particular garage. 

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Jacqueline Brudlos

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