Bicycle Parking

With over 9,000 racks/hoops located around campus, stashing your wheels is a breeze. Bicyclists will find free racks and hoops near almost every building.

Do not lock bikes to handrails, trees, fences, bus shelters, sign poles or anything other than bike racks. Illegally parked bikes will be tagged and removed. To reclaim a bike, contact University Police at 612-624-7828.

Be sure to read these theft prevention tips to keep your bike safe.

Lockers are also available to rent for a small fee.

Locate bicycle lockers/paths/lanes on the Campus Biking and Gopher Way map.

Helpful Tip: 

If the racks are full by your building, call PTS (612-626-7275) with the time of day and location. We'll try to add more racks in that area if the situation persists.


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