Bike Safety

Washington Avenue Transit/Pedestrian Mall

Metro Transit created a video to show how to safely use the Washington Avenue Transit/Biking/Pedestrian Mall.

Walk Your Bike on Campus Sidewalks

We all want to be safe. That means watching out for one another.

Sidewalks are paved for walkers, not bicyclists. It can be dangerous to ride through crowds of pedestrians on busy sidewalks, so don't do it.

This is a Minnesota State law, not just a University rule. "No person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk within a business district ..." The University of Minnesota Police will write out citations for bicyclists riding on the sidewalks, so be aware.

Feel free to walk your bike on any sidewalk around campus. When riding, use bike lanes and be cautious and courteous around pedestrians. Make their day — as well as yours.

Tips For Riding Your Bike on Campus

The Office of Off-Campus Living offers advice to all bicyclists.

Buy A Helmet & Headlight Set

Boynton Health Service has discounted helmets and headlights at a great price for students, staff and faculty. Learn more about Helmets and Headlights.

Recognize Bike Boxes and What To Do

The bike box is an intersection safety design that helps to prevent bicycle/car collisions, especially those between drivers turning right and bicyclists going straight. It is a green box on the road with a white bicycle symbol inside it and sometimes has green bicycle lanes approaching the box.

Learn more about bike boxes and what a driver or biker should do.

Find out about two-stage turn bike boxes.

Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility

In 2013, Minneapolis Public Works analyzed nearly 3,000 reported bicyclist-motorist crashes that occurred in Minneapolis from 2000-2010.

Take a look at safety efforts throughout Minneapolis.

Posters and materials will be available at bike shops, libraries, community centers, parks, restaurants and coffee shops around town.


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