Fueling Information

Fuel Key/Credit Card

Drivers of University vehicles on the Twin Cities campus must fill up at the University's own fuel pumps whenever possible.

All University vehicles are issued a gas key for use at the Twin Cities campus pumps. Fueling directions are located near the pumps. The gas key can also be used for the automatic car wash at the PTS Fleet Building.

Location: 901-29th Avenue SE 1866 Dudley Avenue
Fuel: unleaded, diesel, E-85 unleaded, diesel, E-85
Hours: 24/7 24/7

For vehicles not located on the TC campus or that travel away from campus, a credit card to purchase self-service non-premium fuels is issued. The card is honored at 180,000 stations across the U.S. A brochure listing most of the stations accompanies your card.

In the event of a breakdown outside the service area of PTS Fleet, the fuel credit card can be used for emergency repairs. A brochure with an 800 customer service number is provided with your credit card.

University of Minnesota Environmental Commitment

The University of Minnesota strives to be a leader in sustainabilitiy and energy efficiency. With that goal in mind, Fleet Services strives to be a national leader, integrating sustainability in its everyday actions.

The University of Minnesota is one of the largest end user of E85 fuel in the state. The department chooses flexible fuel or hybrid vehicles for more than 75% of its new vehicle purchases.

FlexFuel Facts

Biodiesel Basics (The University of Minnesota uses blended fuel, but not 100% biodiesel; this link is provided for educational purposes only)

Save Money With Us!

Fuel at University pumps is less than fuel at service stations because the University is exempt from the federal excise tax.