Voyager Card

24-Hour Voyager Fleet Road Side Assistance (for rental vehicles) 
Not valid in Canada
Find the phone number in two places:
- on the rental agreement you signed 
- on the back of the fuel credit card 

How Voyager Card Works

Fuel costs and maintenance for rentals are covered by the mileage fee.

All fuel costs during the reservation period should be charged to the Voyager card using these instructions:

  1. Insert Voyager Card like any credit card at the pump
  2. At prompt, enter PIN (vehicle number) AS IT IS SHOWN ON THE VOYAGER CARD
  3. At prompt, enter vehicle odometer
  4. Use pump
  5. After Hour Road Side Assistance: Call 1-800-987-6591 and follow the instructions.

Note:  Three wrong entries will invalidate the card.  Should this occur, call 1-800-987-6591.

During a reservation, if maintenance or a sudden repair comes up, the Voyager card should be used as a regular credit card. If a remote location does not take the Voyager card, then the University employee should charge expenses to a personal credit card, keep all documentation, and contact Fleet for reimbursement.