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Are you affected by the I-35W @ I-94 project?  Learn more about the MnDOT project.

Transportation Headlines

Interactive Campus Map Adds Safe Walking Services

Posted: 10/31/18

The campus interactive map has been updated with safe walking resources to help faculty, staff, and students make safe choices traveling around campus.

Use the interactive map to find emergency phones, the Gopher Way, information about the Safe Walk service, and additional resources.

It also has a link there to find a map with lighting locations.

HOURCAR Introduces New Overnight MAX

Posted: 10/25/18

HOURCAR, the Twin Cities’ nonprofit carsharing service, has introduced a new rate feature, the Overnight MAX. Between the hours of 6 pm and 8 am, HOURCAR members pay a maximum of $30 in hourly charges.

Students can grab an HOURCAR, run errands off campus, go out with friends, and bring it back the next morning for just $30. 

This is an ideal solution for bike and transit commuters who occasionally need to stop at the store on the way home or run evening errands. You can take the bus or bike to work, take an HOURCAR home, run all your errands, and bring it back the next morning with a guaranteed parking space waiting for you.

If you’re a regular transit or bike commuter and have to work late or get stranded, you will soon be able to use HOURCAR’s Overnight MAX as a Guaranteed Ride Home

HOURCAR is currently running a special promotion for U of M students, faculty and staff: sign up for a new annual membership, and HOURCAR will refund your entire $40 membership fee as driving credit. That’s over 4.5 hours of driving, free!

For more information, visit

Don't Get Towed! Fall Street Sweeping Starts October 23 in Minneapolis

Posted: 10/23/18

Starting on Tuesday, October 23 through the middle of November, the City of Minneapolis will sweep every street from curb to curb.

Look up the specific date when your street is scheduled for sweeping.

From 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the day that your street is swept, your car must not be parked on the street or it will be towed. If your car is towed, it will be taken to the Minneapolis Impound Lot and you will be charged a fine and towing fees (generally, $200+) to retrieve it.

24 hours before your street is to be swept, the city will post temporary "No Parking" signs on the street.

Look up the schedule online so that you will be prepared to move your car before the day the sweepers arrive on your street.

The City generally sweeps the streets twice each year--starting in mid-October in the Fall and in mid-April in the Spring. Mark these times on your calendar, and check for more information on the City's street sweeping web page.

Pillsbury Drive Restricted to Passenger Vehicles Between Pleasant, Williamson Dock Driveway

Posted: 10/22/18

Beginning on October 17, Pillsbury Drive is restricted to passenger vehicles only between Pleasant Street and the Williamson Hall loading dock driveway, due to a recent structural analysis review that shows distress in the Williamson Hall tunnel underneath Pillsbury Drive.

The section between the Williamson Hall loading dock driveway and Church Street is now restricted to 7.5 tons.  Deliveries to the Williamson dock area need to come and go via Church Street.

Temporary signage is in place now. Permanent signs will be implemented as soon as possible.

PTS and Facilities Management will work on a long-term solution for this issue.

Image iconpillsbury_dr_weight_limit.jpg

Gopher Football Season Affects Campus Parking

Posted: 09/14/18

Saturday football on campus is back!  Planning ahead is always your best transportation strategy.

Specific parking contract holders who are required to relocate to the East River Road Garage on Saturday game days include:

  • 2221 University Ave. Garage
  • Discovery Lot
  • Gateway Lot
  • Gold Lot
  • Gopher Lot
  • Minnesota Lot
  • Ski-U-Mah Lot
  • Lots C2/C56
  • Lots C33
  • Lots C55/C58/C59

Parking is NOT available in these assigned facilities and vehicles that are still in these contract locations are subject to tag and tow. 

You can find more information on parking and transportation online:

Saturday, September 8 @ 6:30 p.m. vs Fresno
Saturday, September 15 @ 2:30 p.m. vs Miami (Oh)       
Saturday, October 6 @ 2:30 p.m. vs Iowa (homecoming)
Friday, October 26 @ 7 p.m. vs Indiana
Saturday, November 10 @ TBD vs Purdue
Saturday, November 17 @ TBD vs Northwestern

If you have parking questions, please contact

University of Minnesota Parking & Transportation Services Announces 2018-2019 Public/Contract Parking Rates

Posted 8/14/2018

To coincide with the 2018-2019 academic year, University of Minnesota Twin Cities will increase select daily public parking rates on September 1. Contract parking rates will increase on October 1. Hourly public facility rates will not increase.

The public parking rates for University-managed facilities last increased in fall of 2011 and Minneapolis campus parking meter rates last increased in 2013.

Rate Type

2017-2018 Rate

2018-2019 Rate


Daily Public Lots




Premium Daily Lots– St. Paul Lot 104




Carpool Lots




Early Bird – Daily Maximum




Night Owl – Daily Maximum

(varies by facility type)

$4.00 or $6.00

$5.00 or $7.00


Hourly Minneapolis Campus Parking Meters




The contract parking rate was last increased in October 2014. Twenty-four-hour contract parking rates vary by facility type.

Rate Type

2017-2018 Rate

2018-2019 Rate


Lot Contract




Ramp Contract




Garage Contract




Reserved space (additional fee on base increase; varies by facility type)

Varies by facility

Varies by facility


Evening Lot (where available)




Evening Ramp (where available)




Evening Garage (where available)




 The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is the third largest traffic generator in the Twin Cities metro area. University buses transport more than three million riders each year around the campus and the University offers more than 19,000 campus parking spaces. The mission of University of Minnesota Parking & Transportation Services is to facilitate safe and effective integrated transportation systems that provide services for pedestrians, bicycles, transit and vehicles. For more information, visit, e-mail or call 612‑626‑7275.

Church Street Now a Vehicle Free Zone

Update 01/03/19: Beginning in Fall 2018, Church Street (between Lilly Plaza Drive and Washington Avenue) was designated and redesigned as a “Restricted Vehicle Zone” (RVZ) for pedestrian and bicycle access only. Access for vehicles is only by authorized and permitted vehicles.  In order to accommodate those with delivery or service needs with locations along Church Street in the most accessible manner, a building-by-building plan has been developed to provide the most convenient access possible to campus buildings, considering the restrictions in place. Contact for more information.

Posted 8/28/2018

Beginning August 28, 2018, the newly-renovated Church Street from Lilly Plaza to Washington Avenue will re-open as a vehicle free zone from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Church Street is a high volume, north-south pedestrian connection that experiences elevated bicycle and pedestrian activity during core academic hours and this new restriction is intended to alleviate conflict and congestion during that timeframe.

This summer, the section between Lilly Plaza and Washington Avenue was redesigned to create an environment that prioritizes safer pedestrian movements. Before the project, access was limited to authorized vehicles.  The removal of vehicular traffic, including authorized vehicles, during peak demand hours will free up additional capacity for pedestrians and bicycles. This change aligns with the pedestrian priority guidelines of the 2009 Twin Cities Master Plan, which call for the University to:

  • Establish vehicle-free zones where pedestrian volumes, iconic open spaces, and adjacent land use patterns preclude use except by pedestrians or cyclists
  • Develop pedestrian connections that will:
    • Continue to share corridors with other modes of movement along streets or paths
    • Enable pedestrians to the most direct route between major destinations
    • Prioritize pedestrian movement over other modes of travel when possible    

Access outside of vehicle free zone hours continues to be limited to authorized vehicles only.

“Recent projects on Church Street made access to adjacent buildings unavailable. Parking & Transportation Services, U Market Services, and other stakeholders worked to find alternative ways to serve these access needs. The solutions to serve the buildings helped everyone realize this change was possible,” said Ross Allanson, director of Parking & Transportation Services.

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is the third largest traffic generator in the Twin Cities metro area. University buses transport more than three million riders each year around the campus and the University offers more than 19,000 campus parking spaces. The mission of University of Minnesota Parking & Transportation Services is to facilitate safe and effective integrated transportation systems that provide services for pedestrians, bicycles, transit and vehicles. For more information, visit, e-mail or call 612‑626‑7275.


U of M Twin Cities Pedestrian Bridge Closes June 8, 2018

Posted: 06/08/18

The University of Minnesota closed the suspension pedestrian  bridge on June 8, 2018, due to structural deterioration discovered in a recent bridge inspection.  Deficiencies observed during the inspection limit the remaining service life of the bridge and cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost. The U of M chose to close the bridge now to protect the safety of all users.

The bridge will remain closed until it is removed, which is anticipated in 2019.  The alternate route is on East River Road and University Avenue sidewalks.

The pedestrian bridge served as a connection between Wilkins and Sanford Halls on the north (adjacent to University Avenue) and the Knoll area of campus on the south (adjacent to East River Road). The suspension bridge with steel span is over the BNSF Railway and the City of Minneapolis’ Dinkytown Greenway bike/walk trail and under the Xcel Energy overhead transmission lines. The approximate 176-foot span is 10 feet wide, and accommodates pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Previously, the University hired a consultant to complete a pre-design study for the replacement of the bridge. Bridge #93837, as documented in the State’s bridge inventory, was originally constructed at another location. In 1996, the suspension bridge was modified and erected at its current location to provide a route to campus during Hennepin County’s reconstruction of the bridges over BNSF Railway in Dinkytown.

The University is currently considering the feasibility of the bridge replacement and that decision will be made this year. If the bridge is replaced, the likely construction year would be either 2019 or 2020.

Media Contact:

Jacqueline Bass

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Washington Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Project

The Washington Ave Pedestrian Bridge Project

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