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Are you affected by the I-35W @ I-94 project?  Learn more about the MnDOT project.

Transportation Headlines

Campus Bus Service Suspended June 2

Posted: 06/01/20

The University will suspend its transit service on Tuesday, June 2 due to reduced campus operations and the halting of Metro Transit buses and trains. 


Join June 12 Virtual Public Meeting on 10th Avenue Bridge Construction Update

Posted: 06/01/20

City of Minneapolis Project Works staff will hold a virtual construction update meeting on June 12, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. using GoToMeeting.

Members of the public are invited to join the online meeting and hear updates on construction progress and speak with project staff.

This project will rehabilitate the historic 10th Ave SE bridge over the Mississippi River and West River Parkway. A new water main will be installed under the river as part of the project.

Please use this link to join the 10th Ave Bridge Online Construction Update Meeting from a computer, tablet or smartphone:

Dial in using a phone.
United States: +1 (224) 501-3412
Access Code: 784-924-461

The bridge was closed on March 30 and the contractor has been actively working on repairs.

The bridge will remain closed to all traffic including, vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians until Summer 2021.

West River Parkway will have periodic day time closures throughout Spring & Summer 2020.

For more details on the repairs, schedule and bridge deck changes, please see the latest Construction Update or go to the project page

Campus Bus Service Resumes June 3

Posted: 06/02/20

Starting Wednesday, June 3, the Campus Connector will return to operation with 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekday service.  There is no campus bus service on weekends. 

To view a map of the current Campus Connector, use the GopherTrip app on your mobile device or visit: and select the bus route labelled "121 Campus Connector COVID19".  

Campus Bus Service Suspended May 29

Posted: 05/29/20

As of 4 p.m. today (May 29), the University will suspend its transit service due to planned demonstrations and the halting of Metro Transit buses and trains. 

There is no weekend service, per PTS' regular summer schedule.

Campus Transit Service Changes May 18

Posted: 05/12/20

Starting on Monday, May 18 until Friday, June 5, campus transit service is changing:

    • Extended Campus Connector route will operate Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

    • East Bank Circulator will not run

Portion of 19th Avenue Closed May 18-June 3

Posted: 05/13/20

Portions of 19th Avenue South on West Bank will be closed for two to three weeks starting on Monday, May 18 due to City of Minneapolis roadway construction. 

Thursday, May 14
  • 19th Avenue South will be kept open to traffic during Centerpoint asphalt work on 19th Avenue South. 
  • Watch for traffic flaggers.
Monday, May 18 - Tuesday, May 19
  • 19th Avenue South will be closed both directions between Riverside Avenue South and Washington Avenue South due to Minneapolis asphalt resurfacing. 
  • Cedar Avenue will be the signed detour route.  
  • If it rains on May 19, the closure will extend to May 20.  
  • Vehicle access via 3rd Street South will be maintained open to/from 19th Avenue Ramp and the West Bank loading docks: expect delays when exiting to an otherwise closed 19th Avenue South. 
  • The driveway circle near Carlson & Humphrey will be closed. 
  • Current campus transit routes are not impacted. 
  • Sidewalks will remain open, some crosswalks may be detoured.
May 20 - June 3
  • 19th Avenue South will be closed both directions between Washington Avenue South & 3rd Street South due to Minneapolis bridge work over the light rail tracks. 
  • Cedar Avenue will be the signed detour route.  
  • The work schedule is estimated to be two weeks, weather pending.  
  • Traffic exiting 19th Avenue Ramp and the West Bank loading docks will have to go south on 19th Avenue towards Riverside Avenue. 
  • Pedestrian access and current campus transit routes are not impacted. 
For a map of these roadway impacts and for additional road construction and traffic impacts, view the PTS Construction Impacts Map.    


Join May 5-30 Online Open House For University, 4th Road Improvements

Posted: 05/05/20

Hennepin County, in participation with the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Metro Transit, and the University of Minnesota, is developing a design plan for University Avenue (County Road 36) and Fourth Street SE (County Road 37) between I-35W and Oak Street.

The main goal will be to improve bicycle and transit facilities to help make the roadway safer for all users.

This project will also:

  • upgrade intersections for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • modernize the traffic signal systems
  • improve access to transit stops

They want to hear from you about this upcoming project - to share more about this project, learn how you currently travel through this area and understand what you would like to see in the future.

Your input will help us with designs for the area, including identifying a preferred concept for an improved one-way bicycle facility.

Online open house starts Tuesday, May 5 and ends May 30

Pillsbury Drive Between Pleasant, Church Streets Closed May To August

Posted: 05/05/20

Starting Monday, May 4 thorugh late August, Pillsbury Drive will be closed to vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians between Pleasant St SE & Church St SE.   The roadway work is part of the Pillsbury Drive Reconstruction project. 

For a map of this roadway impact, and for additional road construction and traffic impacts, view the PTS Construction Impacts Map.
Additional details about the Pillsbury Hall and Pillsbury Drive project is available at the CPM Website.

Frequently Asked Questions - Parking and Transportation Operational Changes due to COVID-19

In response to the challenges that we face right now, here are Frequently Asked Questions surrounding COVID-19 and transportation at the U of M:

General Questions  |  Parking Questions  |  Transit Questions  |  Fleet Services Questions

General Questions

Q: Is PTS Customer Service open?

A: PTS is working remotely as much as possible. Emailing is the best way to reach us with questions and concerns. Starting the week of April 20, PTS customer service desk will be open for in-person visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. (desk closed from 11 a.m. - noon).  Appointments outside of these days/hours is on an as-needed basis; fill out an Appointment Form for PTS Customer Service Visits to set up/request an appointment. 

Q: Will parking lots and ramps be open or closed?

A:   All parking facilities are open except Lot 108. Lot 108 is closed to public parking - use Lot 101.

Q:  Why is parking even considered an essential campus service?

A:  Our public and contract parking operations serve the activity of both University and non-University customers like Fairview Hospital. This means for the operation, security, and safety of our community, we have made an intentional decision to continue operating parking facilities with most of the controls done remotely. 

In addition, the current environment has led to a number of changes. For example, we have worked to assist our essential employees who need additional parking access by expanding the reciprocal parking options. This allows those essential employees to park where they need. We have also made arrangements for those who are no longer able to come to campus by bus and who now need to drive and park.

Parking Questions

Q: I need temporary parking due to the COVID-19 situation. What are my options?

A: There are a couple of options for you.

  • Occasional Use Contract:

  • Special contract:

    • From now until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

    • 24/7 access to Gold Lot, East River Road Garage, Oak Street Ramp, Washington Avenue Ramp, or Gortner Avenue Ramp.

    • Cost: $74/month. Payroll deducted (U of M Staff), student accounts receivable, or billed (non-University employee who needs to access campus for a business purpose)

    • Fill out an Appointment Form for PTS Customer Service Visits to set up a contract. 
  • Park in daily rate lots for $5: 

    • Review locations here.

Q: I have a parking contract. Where can I park?

A: Parking contracts will remain available for use. Additionally, the reciprocal privileges traditionally only offered on nights and weekends will be available 24/7. Learn more about reciprocal parking here.

Hangtag contract holders parking in structured facilities should pull a ticket at the entry, push the silver button, and give the call center representative their hangtag number. If a hangtag customer has multiple issues with this method, a keycard can be issued. 

Q: I will not be on campus.  Can I get a refund on my parking contract?

A: PTS is working to understand the complexity of this unprecedented time for our campus community and how that relates to the service we provide. We want to ensure parking facilities remain operational for those who need them. For those essential on-campus employees coming to provide essential services, parking is available with extended reciprocal access. With very few exceptions, your parking keycard will allow you entry into all contract facilities and your lot hangtag will allow you to park in any contract lot.    Our goal is to support the ongoing efforts of staff who are on campus and make their jobs as easy as possible.  

Suspending Staff/Faculty Parking Contracts
  • Eligible University of Minnesota employees received the information below in an email dated 04/14/20 from Parking & Transportation Services.
  • University of Minnesota Physicians (UMP) employees should email contract parking questions to

  • Fairview manages contract parking for its employees through its parking office and is not included in the parking contract suspension process. Contact the Fairview Parking Services Office at 612-273-7278 or for information.

As of April 13, University of Minnesota employees who are contract holders on the Twin Cities campus may choose to suspend their parking contract while the University is in extended reduced operations status with only essential employees on campus. If you choose to suspend your parking contract, you will be able to restart the same contract once all employees can return to campus. 

To suspend your parking contract, complete the Contract Suspension Request Form. Please note that it may take 1-3 payroll cycles for the change to be reflected on your paycheck.

Update: For contract holders who submitted this form before April 24, you should see a credit on the May 6 or May 20 pay date, pending no issues with the payroll process. Those who submit the form after April 24 are likely to see that credit in June. 

Accounts will be adjusted so that employees are not charged for a time period equivalent to the suspension period, which begins March 18 and which will continue until University President Joan Gabel cancels the requirement to work remotely.

This contract suspension is suspending charges, not the ability to use the parking keycard or hangtag. Parking keycards/hangtags, and reciprocal privileges, remain active even for those who don't pay.


There are many significant financial impacts occurring across the University due to COVID-19. The option to suspend parking contracts will present a challenge to maintaining the current parking rate while also continuing to fund important programs on the Twin Cities campus that are supported by parking revenue. Some of those programs include campus transit and the bike program, and campus infrastructure like streets, sidewalks, and plazas. If you wish to leave your parking contract in place to help the University cover these costs, no action is required. Thank you for considering this option.


If you have been designated and informed that you are a University of Minnesota essential employee who needs to come to campus, you may also choose to suspend your parking contract. If you choose to suspend the contract, your parking credential will remain active, but you will not be charged to park.

Prior Staff/Faculty Parking Contract Cancellations

For anyone who has canceled their parking contract between March 18 and April 13, the cancellation has been processed and a new parking contract will have to be started. Please complete the Contract Reinstatement Form by April 30, so we can provide you with a new parking contract in the same facility when the directive to work remotely is canceled. If you have not yet mailed your keycard to us, keep it in a safe place until on-campus operations resume. If you’ve already mailed your keycard to us, we will issue you a new one. Contract holders in a hangtag facility will receive a new hangtag in the mail.

Canceling Staff/Faculty Parking Contracts

If you wish to permanently cancel your contract, please complete the Contract Cancellation Form. You will then receive a confirmation email with more details. NOTE: This option does not allow you to automatically restart your contract when on-campus operations resume. Also, the ten-day waiting period to cancel your parking contract is being waived and your contract will be cancelled as of the date the form is submitted online.  To CANCEL your parking contract, log into the cancellation request form using your internet ID and password. Then, send your hangtag/keycard to PTS at: 300 Transportation & Safety Bldg, 511 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Staff and faculty members who choose to cancel will receive a prorated refund for service not consumed about 4-6 weeks after cancellation. If you need to keep your contract parking, please follow the instructions above on suspending your contract.

As all PTS office locations are currently closed and staff is working remotely due to the extended reduced operations directive, parking contract processing may be delayed. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Please find updates and changes with the PTS News/Alerts page and the Safe Campus website.

While these are extraordinary times, PTS is a self-supported department and is working to ensure the University’s parking facilities are prepared for the resumption of normal operations by continuing to maintain safe, clean, and well-maintained parking and to help reduce the need for future rate increases.

Important Notice Regarding Student Parking Contracts 
  • As approved by the Board of Regents on April 3, the Comprehensive Student Fee Refund Plan provides students who have a spring semester parking contract with 100% of their parking fee credited from March 16 to the end of their semester contract. Parking & Transportation Services will be processing credits this month.
  • Those who had already requested a cancellation of their contracts via email prior to March 28 were processed.
  • If you are still using the parking facilities and want to maintain your parking contract, please complete the Maintain Student Parking Contract Form by Friday, April 10. We will keep your contract active and your student account will not be credited for parking.
  • Note for Radius apartment residents: Radius parking is not managed by the University. Students that are moving out will be allowed to cancel their Radius parking contracts with a 30-day notice. Contact for details.
  • For additional Housing & Residential Life questions, please visit the HRL website for details.
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty.

Q: How will I see the refund on my parking contract?

A:  Please be aware that parking payroll deductions will continue to be taken out of every paycheck going forward as usual. PTS will issue a separate periodic credit on a future to-be-determined pay check (up to 3 payroll cycles in the future).

Update: For contract holders who submitted the Parking Contract Suspension Request form before April 24, you should see a credit on the May 6 or May 20 pay date, pending no issues with the payroll process. Those who submit the form after April 24 are likely to see that credit in June. 

The first credit for parking will represent service from March 18 thru April 30 (the first credit will represent individual customer's parking rate for a full month of April plus 14 days of March).

Review the sample paycheck below. Please note, the amounts will vary, dependent on your parking contract location.

sample of what a paycheck looks like

PTS will issue additional credits as time passes and evaluate the amount of additional credit due next at the end of May. For example, if the University continues in "required to work remotely mode" the full month of May, customers will get an additional full month credit in June on a to-be-determined paycheck.

The suspension of service credit begins on March 18 and continues through a future yet to-be-determined date. Thus, the final full value of service credit is still unknown.

Q: Is there an option to suspend a parking contract through the summer for 9-month employees? 

A:   At this time, this unique parking contract suspension is allocated for the duration of the remote work requirement. If this directive remains in place during the summer session, this option will be extended -- parking contract holders cannot apply them at other times or determine when they are to be used. 
Q:  What is happening with the waiting list?

A:  While we are in Extended Reduced Operations, the waiting list will not be filled until campus returns to normal operations, due to reduced staffing requirements. PTS will only fulfill new contracts that are in response to the situation, which are called COVID-19 contracts, offered to essential personnel. Anyone on the waiting list that currently has a contract can use it at any facility. Anyone who is on a waiting list who doesn’t currently have a contract can start a COVID-19 contract.

Q:  Do I have to be an essential employee to suspend my contract? 

A:  No, any University of Minnesota employees can choose to suspend their parking contract regardless of whether they are working onsite, remotely, or both.

Q:  I suspended my contract. Can I still use my keycard or hangtag?

A:  Yes, you may use your parking contract as you normally do even if you do not pay. This applies to all University of Minnesota employees regardless of whether they are working onsite, remotely, or both. You do not need to notify PTS that you are using your parking. 

Q:  If I suspend my contract, do I lose my spot on the waiting list?

A:  No, your waiting list status will not change if you choose to suspend your parking contract.

Q:  If I suspend my contract, do I get my same parking spot back?

A:  Yes, if you suspend your contract, you will get the same parking spot back when regular operations resume.

Q:  Can I have an extended suspension or suspend during a different time?

A:  No, the suspension is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once we are in regular operations, you will no longer have the option to suspend a parking contract and will need to follow the regular cancellation process. The suspension is from now until the remote work mandate is lifted.  The suspension is not based on when classes return to campus.  It is based on when the University faculty and staff no longer are required to work remotely.

Transit Questions

Q:  Will city bus routes continue to serve campus?

A: Metro Transit is operating the buses and light rail.  Visit Metro Transit’s webpage for updates on service. Metro Transit has announced that it will reduce service on March 25. Learn more here:

Q: Will University buses continue to run on campus?

A: University buses will run on a reduced schedule. Watch for more details.

Starting on Monday, May 18 until Friday, June 5, campus transit service is changing:

    • Extended Campus Connector route will operate Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

    • East Bank Circulator will not run

View a map on our GopherTrip app on your mobile device or click this link to a web-based desktop view: (note: you will need to select the bus route labelled 121 Campus Connector COVID19 and/or 120 East Bank Circulator to see the routes currently in service).

Q:  Why do you continue to operate campus transit when no one is using it?

A:  The University transit system still has riders, and we take our responsibility to help provide transportation options for the University community very seriously. We have essential employees, as well as students and patients, who may rely on campus transit to get to and/or around campus. We have moved to reduced campus transit service that includes Campus Connector and East Bank Circulator routes and suspended paratransit service as of March 23. 

Q: Paratransit is not operating. What can I do?

A: Check on availability of Metro Transit’s Metro Mobility. Please note that you will need to register to use this service. Consider using University transit (all buses are wheelchair lift equipped) if possible or a TNC service like Lyft or Uber. If possible, for current parking contract holders, we will try to make special, temporary parking accommodations. Send an email to

Q:  I’m concerned about the cleanliness of the campus buses.  What are you doing to keep them safe?

A: The safety of our community is our top concern.  The company that runs the University buses has increased health and safety measures beyond their usual activities.  Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures are in place now.

Q: I will not be on campus.  Can I cancel my Metropass?

A:  Email to request a cancellation with your name and employee ID number.  You may receive a prorated refund for service not consumed about 4-6 weeks after cancellation. Note: you can repurchase your Metropass at anytime. 

Q: I will not be on campus.  Can I get a refund on my U-Pass?

A: Email to request a cancellation. You will receive a prorated refund for service not consumed about 4-6 weeks after cancellation.

Fleet Services Questions

Q: My department rents vehicles from Fleet Services.  Will that be available?

A: Fleet is renting vehicles for approved essential travel.  Rentals must be requested 24  hours in advance through our rental system.  No walk-in requests will be fulfilled.

Q: I need to cancel a Fleet rental reservation.  Will I be penalized?

A:  No penalty/cancellation fees will be assessed to any customer who is cancelling future reservations due to COVID-19.

Q: I’m concerned about the cleanliness of rented University vehicles.  What are you doing about my concerns?

A: Every rental vehicle has always been cleaned in between rental reservations.  Our Fleet staff has added enhanced cleaning and disinfection of returned rental vehicles to further minimize risks to our customers.

Q: My drivers license is expiring.  What do I need to do?

A: You can find good information on common drivers license questions at the Department of Vehicle Services.   

Campus Transit Suspended on June 1, 2020

Posted: 05/31/20

The University will suspend its transit service on Monday, June 1 due to reduced campus operations and the halting of Metro Transit buses and trains. 

10th Ave Bridge Closure Starts March 2020

The City of Minneapolis' 10th Avenue SE Bridge Rehabilitation Project will close the bridge to vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians crossing the river in March 2020 for approximately 18 months.

For drivers, only trips that involve crossing the river via the 10th Avenue Bridge will be detoured. I-35W will be the vehicle detour route.

19th Avenue South, South 1st Street, and South 2nd Street will remain open.  All U of M parking facilities will be available to access.

Parking & Transportation Services made minor changes to campus bus routes in Fall 2019 in anticipation of the closure (see news release about campus bus route changes

Find more project information on the City of Minneapolis 10th Avenue Bridge Project webpage.

PTS Hears Your Transportation Concerns During COVID-19 Health Concern

Posted: 03/17/20

Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) has heard from several University community members about various transportation concerns during the current health concern surrounding COVID-19.

We have tried to gather some of the most frequently asked questions and posted answers.  This information will change as the situation develops and updated as soon as possible. 

Feedback is encouraged and has been shared with the PTS leadership team.

Nice Ride Returns For 2020 Riding Season, Announces Plan to Help Critical Healthcare Workers

Posted: 04/06/20

Updated (05/12/20) Critical Healthcare Worker plan is extended to June 5

Lyft, the operator of Nice Ride, today announced that the Nice Ride Minnesota bikeshare system will return to Minneapolis for the 2020 riding season beginning April 6. The company will also introduce a plan to help critical healthcare workers get to work during COVID-19.

Nice Ride’s bikes can be unlocked at any station using the kiosk, Nice Ride app or member key. While dockless blue bikes will not be returning for this riding season, Lyft will be introducing hybrid locking ebikes later this season. While the Nice Ride system is returning, travel by bike is limited to essential purposes, including recreation and critical work while practicing social distancing, under Minnesota’s current ‘stay at home’ order. The order currently runs through April 10 and may be extended to a later date.

Lyft and Nice Ride are also launching a program to give critical healthcare workers free 30-day bikeshare memberships; starting today and continuing through May 6, eligible healthcare workers can sign up through their employer to access unlimited 60-minute trips on classic bikes for 30 days. Interested healthcare companies can email to learn how to receive free memberships for employees.

Lyft and Nice Ride also recognize that bikes may be a preferred transportation option for many in our community during this time who need to complete essential trips. To prepare for the season, Nice Ride has aggressively increased its cleaning protocols. High-contact surfaces on bikes are being disinfected each time they arrive at the warehouse, and high contact surfaces on vans used to transport vehicles are being disinfected at the start of each shift. In addition, associates are wearing gloves when handling bikes both in the depot and at stations.

For more about Nice Ride’s pricing and service area, visit

U of M Bike Center Closed

Posted: 03/16/20

Due to public health concerns with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the Bike Center shop is closed to the public. Find out more details at: 

Showers and secure bicycle parking areas remain accessible.

PTS Announces New Parking Equipment To Be Installed Across Twin Cities Campus

Posted: 02/18/20

University of Minnesota Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) announces the installation of enhanced parking equipment across the Twin Cities campus in the next 18 months.  The Board of Regents approved the purchase on Friday February 14, 2020.

PTS is responsible for the administration, operation, management and maintenance of nine parking garages, eight parking ramps and 115 surface lots that provide over 20,000 parking spaces to approximately 5.4 million cars each year.

The University has 35 parking facilities that currently have gated access. The current equipment has been in place since 1994 and is in need of replacement.

Through a competitive Request for Proposal process, HUB Parking Technology USA, Inc. was awarded the project, which is expected to cost approximately $9.5 million.

“The new equipment allows for a better customer experience for University visitors and improved technology advancements, like an opt-in license plate recognition system for our contract parkers,” said Ross Allanson, PTS director. “We also hope to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a faster entry and exit of vehicles using our new systems.”

PTS is a self-supporting department, using parking revenue to cover expenses, and each year examines its parking rates as part of developing a responsible and fair budget. PTS will use fund balance reserves for the one-time cost of system implementation and future parking revenue for on-going yearly recurring costs.

Media Contact:

Jacqueline Bass

Interested in campus area traffic impacts?

Visit PTS's U of M Area Construction Map.

Interested in Campus Crime Alerts?

Check out the U of M Police Department's Alerts page.


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