Budget Charge Parking (discontinuing in 2020-21)

Budget Charge Cards, a method of charging public parking expenses to an EFS chartstring, are being phased out as Twin Cities parking facilities are updated with new parking equipment. Departments can offer a similar service with the new validations program which will allow for better tracking and control.

What this means:

  • PTS is no longer distributing new Budget Charge Cards.
  • Budget Charge Cards are not accepted at facilities where old card readers have been replaced by new card readers. See estimated update completion dates and current status of each facility. 
  • Budget Charge Cards are still accepted at facilities that have not yet been updated with new equipment, as described below.
  • There will be several months during which a Budget Charge Card will function at some facilities but not at others. A single department can use a Budget Charge Card at some facilities and validations at others. Read more about the new validations program that replaces Budget Charge Cards. 
  • When a Budget Charge Card is no longer needed, return it to the PTS office for secure disposal.

Budget Charge Parking Program

With department authorization, University of Minnesota employees may charge parking to a EFS number by using a special keycard.  

Program Details
  • Parking is on a space available basis only. If the facility sign reads “Full”, you will need to find another location in which to park.
  • Fees are charged at the hourly rate.
  • Your department will receive a monthly bill for the parking fees incurred.
Use at facilities with old equipment (facilities in red have been converted and are NO longer available):
East Bank West Bank
  • Gopher Lot
  • Maroon Lot (daily rate does NOT apply; vehicle is charged by the hour)
  • 4th Street Ramp
  • Church Street Garage
  • East River Road Garage
  • Oak Street Ramp
  • University Avenue Ramp
  • Washington Avenue Ramp
  • Weisman Art Museum Garage
  • 19th Avenue Ramp
  • 21st Avenue Ramp
  • Lot C86
  • West Bank Office Building Ramp (top level only)
St. Paul
  • Gortner Avenue Ramp
  • Lot SC103 (daily rate does NOT apply; vehicle is charged by the hour)
  • Lot S106

Call 612-626-7275 for assistance

Helpful Tip!

Always have a back up plan. If a location is full, your budget charge card will not let you into that facility. You will need to go to another location.


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