Car-sharing is an on-campus alternative to owning your own car and is becoming a popular option in the Twin Cities.

  • 24/7 access to vehicles
  • Minimum age is 18
  • Rates include gas and insurance

University Departments! Car-sharing can work for you too. It’s a perfect solution to your short-term vehicle needs – for meetings, research, meals or transportation for a visiting colleague.

On Campus Option           


 is the largest car-sharing operator in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Its fleet comprises a range of fuel-efficient hatchbacks, sedans, utility vehicles and pick-up trucks.

Sign up for HOURCAR and make reservations online.

  • $40 annual membership fee for University students, staff and faculty
  • No application fee or security deposit
  • Rates are typically $8.50/hour or $75/day on weekends ($65/day on weekdays)
  • Convenient on-campus locations:
    • Washington Avenue Ramp — 2 vehicles
    • Oak Street Ramp - 1 vehicle
    • Pillsbury Court - 1 vehicle
    • ST. PAUL
    • Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative — 1 vehicle

Planning a Short Trip?

Combine car-sharing and ride-sharing.


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