Staff/Faculty Occasional Use Parking Contract

This program is discontinued in 2020. No sales on October 1.

What: Contract is open to University staff or faculty.
Contract is valid for 22 uses between the dates of October 1 and September 30.
An employee may only purchase one occasional use parking contract per term (October 1 - September 30).
A use is defined as within one day (12 am-11:59 pm). Contract holders may enter and exit at will during a use.
Unused parking may not be carried over to the next year. Refunds are not issued for unused parking.
Reciprocity at other facilities is not available.
  This contract may NOT be used on East Bank on football Saturdays.
Cost: $102.75 for ramps and $134.50 for East River Road Garage regardless of purchase date. Payment is made by credit card, cash or check. Payment is not payroll-deducted, therefore cannot be a pre-tax deduction.
Where: Contract holders may select their assigned facility
  • East River Road Garage (East Bank)
  • Oak Street Ramp (East Bank)
  • 4th Street Ramp (East Bank)
  • Gortner Avenue Ramp (St. Paul)
  • 21st Avenue Ramp (West Bank)
  • West Bank Office Building Ramp (West Bank)
Get It: At the PTS office (300 Transportation & Safety Building, 511 Washington Avenue SE). Contracts go on sale annually October 1 on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Staff/Faculty Contract Parking Newsletter

Did You Know?

For bicyclists and bus riders, an occasional use contract offers flexibility and a parking option for days when the weather just isn't cooperating or when personal errands require a vehicle!


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