Student Contracts

University Village Resident parking 
Graduate Students parking
Special Rules for Lot SC108 (St. Paul fairgrounds parking) 
After the Lottery

Standard Semester Contract

Student parking contracts, that are valid 24 hours a day/7 days a week, are available each semester through an online lottery. Students may enter the lottery each semester, but entering does not guarantee a parking contract. Contracts are good for one semester only. Locations vary but always include spaces on each campus.

Lottery Sign-Up

Fall Semester 2019 -- April 9 - July 28, 2019
Spring Semester 2020 -- October 7 - November 17 (midnight)
Summer 2020 -- no lottery: summer contracts go on sale at PTS customer service desk starting Monday, May 4


The lottery is unavailable each night from 1-5 am for server maintenance.

Watch a Video - How To Enter Parking Lottery

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Contract Features
  • Access to your assigned facility 24/7. (At most locations. Contract holders without 24/7 access in their assigned facility are provided with evening and weekend access at a nearby location.)
  • Unlimited entry and exit.
  • Easy convenient payment through the student accounts receivable (SAR) system.

Contract Terms and Conditions

Lots – $74.00 per month; Ramps – $104.75 per month; Garages – $137.00 per month.

How It Works

  1. Log into the lottery sign-up using your University Internet ID and password.
  2. The system will automatically designate you as either a commuter or residence hall student.
    1. Commuter students select up to three contract locations.
    2. Residence hall student parking is assigned based on hall location.
  3. Submit your application.

Commuter Student Versus Residence Hall Student
A residence hall student is determined as a student living in University housing, with the exception of University Village and Radius Apartments - those buildings have their own designated parking. There are eight residence halls (Bailey, Centennial, Comstock, Frontier, Middlebrook, Sanford, 17th Avenue, and Territorial Halls) and two apartments (Keeler and Yudof Halls).

If you are a student living in an apartment complex across the street from campus or living in an apartment 30 miles away, you are a commuter student.

Lottery Method
The lottery is conducted in two rounds. In the first round, names are selected on the day after the lottery sign-up closes. Selected students will receive an e-mail notification by noon. The dates for each round and the deadlines to respond are outlined in the Terms and Conditions when a student signs in.

Students who accept a parking contract will immediately receive a purchase confirmation e-mail. The fee for the semester will be automatically charged to your university student account.

Prior to the start of the semester, commuter students will receive their keycard/hangtag by mail at the address listed on their lottery application. Residence hall students will pick up their keycard/hangtag at their hall on move-in day.

Unclaimed contracts from the first round will be drawn again in the second round of the lottery.

Students may review their status in the lottery at any time by logging into the system. Results from each of the drawing dates are available online by noon of that day. At the conclusion of the lottery, all students not selected for a parking contract will be notified of their status by e-mail.

After the Lottery

Explore other parking options.

  • Any remaining unclaimed contracts will go on sale at the PTS customer service desk the week before the start of the semester. Visit the third floor of the Transportation & Safety Building on Monday, August 26 during First-Come, First-Serve for the best chance to purchase an unclaimed parking contract.  Numbered application forms are available on a first-come basis beginning at 5:30 a.m. You must be present at 6:45 a.m. to purchase a contract.
  • During fall and spring semester, contract space is always available in the State Fairgrounds lot for commuter students (this can be conveniently purchased through the lottery or by coming into the PTS office). The Campus Connector provides a fast, easy ride to East or West Bank.  Learn more about the Campus Connector. Note: the State Fairgrounds lot is NOT available during the summer.
  • Park in daily lots.

Consider alternative transportation.

  • Transit – U of M partners with Metro Transit to offer the U-Pass for $114 per semester (a savings of up to $650 per semester depending on fare type). Learn more and purchase your U-Pass
  • Rideshare/Carpool – Check out Gopher RideShare, the U of M rideshare service. Login with your UofM credentials to find ride partners.
Renewal Process For Graduate Students

Graduate students can now renew their parking contract for spring and summer semesters online.

The Website will start taking renewal requests for winter break and/or spring on September 30. The deadline to renew is 11:59 p.m. on November 10.

Renew Online

Reminder! Each fall semester, the process begins anew and ALL students must re-enter the lottery at the top of this page.

Special Situations

Counterfeit/Altered Parking Permits – Use of stolen, counterfeit, or altered parking permits will result in a parking citation and loss of contract privileges for contract holders for one calendar year from date of infraction. Lost or stolen permits should be reported to Parking & Transportation Services immediately.

Your odds are that about 3 out of every 4 students get a parking contract. Good luck!

A Tip For You: Contract parkers should be able to park in their assigned facility even during events (football games are the exception). If there is a space miscalculation, PTS staff should be available to re-direct contract parkers to another location without any charge.


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