Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric cars can be re-charged on the University of Minnesota campus.  Charging stations come in three different types: fast-charging, half-day and all-day.

Level 3 Charger (Fast-Charging)

A fast-charging station re-charges a vehicle's battery to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes.

East Bank campus
  • Graduate Hotel meter lot (accessed from Walnut Street) - one fast charger is located at the last meter in the lot near Harvard Street

For questions or information about Level 3 Green Lots station, visit greenlots.com

Level 2 Chargers

These half-day charging stations are all inside various public parking facilities throughout campus.  Each Chargepoint charging station accommodates two vehicles.  These charging stations run on two 240 volt batteries and take an average of four hours to fully charge a vehicle. 


Morning users are encouraged to move their vehicle to a regular parking stall at lunchtime to allow others to take advantage of this amenity.

Use of the charging station is free, but the posted parking fee to go into the parking facility must be paid. Depending on the circumstance and location, payment can be at the entrance or exit.

East Bank campus
West Bank campus
St. Paul campus


Level 1 Chargers

These charging stations can take up to eight hours to fully re-charge a vehicle.

East Bank Campus
St. Paul Campus

For questions or information about the Chargepoint stations, account benefits, and registration, visit chargepoint.com.

If you don't have a Chargepoint account/card, you can always call the toll-free number posted on the charging station to initiate a charging session.

Watch a video to see how charging works.

Find Charging Stations

To see where all public electric vehicle charging stations are in the metro area, including the U’s Level 3 charger, visit plugshare.com.

Electric vehicles support a clean environment, reduce dependence on oil and operate at a lower cost than gasoline-powered vehicles. 

Should I Buy An Alternative Vehicle?

Check out a cool resource created by a U of M Extension educator. 

Alternative Vehicle Decision-Making Tool

Read About Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette

BBC News Blog "The Dos and Don'ts of Charging Your Petrol-Saving Vehicle" - December 14, 2016

Outside-U Motorist Assistance

If you have a private company (AAA or any service station) come to assist with your vehicle (unlock the vehicle, tow it out, replace the windshield, etc.) while it is parked in a University of Minnesota parking facility, be sure the company knows they will need to pay the posted parking charge (either entering or exiting).



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