Avoiding Event Parking Rates

The university sees a high volume of traffic around campus so your best strategy is to plan ahead.

Rates can vary by facility type and are posted at each entrance and on the Parking Rates webpage. View campus maps for locations.

During events, there are a few things to note:

  • Some parking facilities change rates for special events
  • Event rates go into effect between two and three hours before the event (home football games may be earlier)
  • During events, only cash and checks are accepted (no credit cards)
  • Check the PTS Event Calendar for a consolidated listing of events
  • To bypass event rates, try this tip -- park at a facility that doesn't charge event rates:
    • East River Road Garage
    • Weisman Art Museum Garage
    • 19th Avenue Ramp
  • Meter parking around campus is only meant for short term parking.
    • Time limits vary from 12 minutes to four hours
    • Rates are posted on each meter
    • University parking meters are free on official University holidays (unless during special events).
    • Gopher football games are events on campus where special rules apply 
      Note: The City of Minneapolis also has meters on campus and their guidelines may differ from the university


Outside-U Motorist Assistance

If you have a private company (AAA or any service station) come to assist with your vehicle (unlock the vehicle, tow it out, replace the windshield, etc.) while it is parked in a University of Minnesota parking facility, be sure the company knows they will need to pay the posted parking charge (either entering or exiting).


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