Official Vehicle Contracts

Annual Ramp Contract


Gives you 24/7 access to a number of ramps. Should you forget your PTS Parking Card, you will be responsible for finding alternate parking and paying the facility fee. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, come to the PTS office for a replacement. The charge for a replacement keycard is $20. Misuse of your card will result in the loss of your contract privileges.

Who: Available to University departments.
Cost: $97.00/month (equivalent to the ramp rate minus the sales tax), billed to a EFS account.
Where: Official Vehicle Parking Locations
  • East Bank – 4th Street Ramp, Oak Street Ramp, Washington Avenue Ramp
  • West Bank – 19th Avenue Ramp, 21st Avenue Ramp, West Bank Office Building Ramp (WBOB)
  • St. Paul – Gortner Avenue Ramp
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Annual Hangtag


Gives you 24/7 access to a variety of locations for a 3-hour time period. Departments receive only one hangtag permit per contract. Hangtags may be transferred to any vehicle you park at the university. Hangtags expire annually on September 30. (Minnesota State law requires you to remove your hangtag while driving.)

Forgotten Hangtag – you will need to park in a public facility and pay the posted rate.
Stolen Hangtag – a new one will be issued at no charge with a police report.
Damaged Hangtag – turn it into our office and we will issue a replacement hangtag for $20.
Lost Hangtag – you must come to our office and purchase a new pro-rated contract. You will continue to pay the monthly fee on the lost hangtag through the expiration date (September 30) AND pay the fee for the new contract based on start date.
Misuse of your hangtag will result in the loss of your contract privileges.
Who: Available to University departments. 
Cost: $68.00/month (equivalent to the surface lot rate minus the sales tax), billed to a EFS account


Official Vehicle Parking Locations

PDF iconEast Bank campus
PDF iconWest Bank campus
PDF iconSt. Paul campus
Official Vehicle and Vendor Listing Spreadsheet
  • Official Vehicle hangtag permits are valid in designated official vehicle spaces and OV/Vendor combo spots. Parking is strictly limited to 3 hours.
  • Hourly surface lots. Pull a ticket to enter the surface lot. Upon exiting, write your name, department name, phone number and Official Vehicle number on the back of your ticket and hand it to the attendant. You must pay the hourly rate any time you remain parked after the 3-hour limit.
    • Lot 86
    • Lot S106
    • West Bank Office Building (top level only)
  • You may use your Official Vehicle hangtag permit to park at any University meter, except those with a time limit of 1 hour or less. (Not applicable at City of Minneapolis meters.) Parking is strictly limited to 2 hours. Be sure your hangtag is visible or you may be cited.
  • At loading zones and loading docks for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Vehicles with an Official Vehicle may also park in selected daily lots on a space-available basis. Follow the procedure above for the hourly surface lots.
    • Victory Lot
    • Lot S104
    • Lot S101
    • Lot S108 (fall and spring semester only)
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Official Vehicle Without a Parking Permit

University vehicles that are identifiable by the University logo and tax exempt license plates, but that are without Official University Vehicle permits, must pay the applicable parking rate when parking in Parking & Transportation Services’ facilities.

Application for New Official Vehicles

Official Vehicle Contract Application

Annual Newsletter with News/Information

Official Vehicle Parking Newsletter 2020-21

Gopher Football & Its Impact

Here are some key points for Official contract holders to be aware of:

  • You ARE able to use official vehicle/vendor spaces during gameday Saturdays, however the vehicle must have a state license plate (absolutely NO private or personal vehicles allowed on gameday Saturdays)
  • Your contract is NOT valid at meters on gameday Saturdays
  • If you have a day-of emergency, please contact PTS prior to parking with the details at 612-626-PARK.
  • Visit our stadium Web page for exact dates and times of the football games.