Parking Coupons

Charge guest parking to your department by using this link to order coupons. Read below to learn more about the two options.

Order Coupons

Note: any individual can purchase prepaid coupons by visiting the PTS customer service desk at 511 Washington Ave. SE (cash and credit card are accepted as forms of payment).

NEW parking equipment is coming to campus. There will be no paper coupons in the future. A new validation program will replace coupons. Specific instructions will be sent to departments. Click here for more information.

Prepaid Coupons

Most departments purchase prepaid coupons that pay for visitor parking. These coupons are valid at any University public parking facility.

There are two levels. The $6 coupon will be valid for parking for up to 4 hours.  The $12 coupon will cover an individual’s parking for up to 24 hours.

Cost Parking Time It Covers
$6.00 per coupon 0 to 4 hours
$12.00 per coupon 4.01 to 24 hours

Departments can order prepaid coupons using the online form. It is encouraged for departments to purchase these coupons with an EFS chartstring. PTS will process the request and coupons can be picked up or delivered via courier service within 7-10 business days.

Departmental Coupons

For departments who previously had a significant history of VIP stamp use, PTS has a second coupon that is billable through EFS. This particular coupon tracks the actual time parked and bills the department's account at the end of each month.

How Coupons Work

  • Your department can mail coupons out ahead of time or hand them out at your office/event.
  • Your guest pulls a ticket to enter the facility.
  • When a guest leaves, he/she will insert that ticket into the machine at the exit AND they will follow it up with the coupon.