Public Ordinances

Prohibited Parking

Parking is permitted in officially designated parking areas only.

Regents of the University of Minnesota Traffic Regulation Ordinances, 2000, Ordinance No. 2, Article III, Section 3. Parking.

“(a) Parking is prohibited upon all properties
owned, leased or occupied by the University of
Minnesota which have not been designated a
parking facility or as parking areas and appropriately
marked as such, except that a vehicle may be
temporarily parked for the purpose of loading or
unloading where access to the premises is not
otherwise available, and in specially designated
construction staging areas. A clear and safe path of
travel for pedestrians must be maintained at all

Parking Facilities and Parking Areas. All parking in parking facilities and areas designated as parking areas shall be in conformity with posted signs, instructions, and pavement markings, unless otherwise directed by lawful authority.


Police officers and parking enforcement personnel may cause vehicles to be towed pursuant to Ordinance No. 2, Article III, Section 8, of the Regents of the University of Minnesota Traffic Regulation Ordinances, 2000. Vehicles should not be stored in University parking facilities. Vehicles parked in facilities longer than 48 hours after the official notification process begins are considered abandoned and are subject to towing. Contract patrons are invited to contact Parking and Transportation Services if your vehicle will be parked in a facility for several days.

Regents of the University of Minnesota Traffic Regulation Ordinances, 2000,Ordinance No. 2, Article III

Section 8. Towing: Any police officer or parking
enforcement personnel are hereby empowered to
cause to be removed and towed any unattended
vehicle, including those determined to be abandoned,
standing or parked in violation of the terms
of this ordinance, the Uniform Traffic Regulation Act
or other lawful authority. Where such vehicle is
towed away and stored, such vehicle will not be
returned to the owner thereof except upon satisfactory
proof of ownership and upon payment of the
reasonable cost for towage and storage of such

Safety Tip

Share the Road! Our U streets are used by a diverse groups of individuals – walkers, bladers, bikers, moped users, bus drivers, delivery truck drivers and more. Keep your eyes open and be courteous to all.


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