PTS is serious about your safety. The following is a representation of steps we've taken to keep you secure on campus or during your commute.

  • The Gopher Way system has security cameras placed in many sections of the system.
  • Parking ramps are monitored 24/7 by CCTV security cameras and monitors.
  • 82 emergency call buttons are located throughout our parking facilities.
  • Fire suppression, alarm systems and fire extinguishers are in all structured facilities.
  • Parking attendant booths are equipped with radios or phones for immediate access to UMPD or emergency assistance.
  • Parking facilities are kept well-lit and clean by professional, trained maintenance staff.
  • In winter, entrances to parking facilities are kept free of snow and ice.
  • Field staff is identifiable by uniform or badge.
  • Interior surfaces of ramps/garages are painted bright white to increase illumination.
  • Emergency generators are on hand for power outages.
  • Parking ramps have lobbies with glass windows floor to ceiling.
  • Adopted the Helmets and Headlights safety program, giving the University community the opportunity to purchase a helmet and headlight set for the low cost of $20.
  • Provide our parking customers with a Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) to assist you with a flat tire, dead battery or if you lock your keys in your car.

Did You Know?

The campus security escort monitors walk more than 15 miles on average in one night?