The Gopher Way

The Gopher Way is your way to navigate through the tunnels and skyways that connect many buildings on campus. 

  • Most are open Monday – Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Access varies depending on location. Some tunnels/skyways are restricted.Restrictions are posted at tunnel/skyway entrances.

Handy Tip! View BOTH campus biking information and Gopher Way details on the Campus Biking & Gopher Way System Map

There are several locations to pick up a Campus Walking Guide with the Gopher Way (map on page two), including:

  • Coffman Information Desk
  • St. Paul Student Center Information Desk
  • Throughout the Gopher Way system
  • PTS office, 511 Washington Avenue S 
  • McNamara Alumni Center Information Desk
  • Morrill Hall Information Desk
  • West Bank Skyway Store

Navigation Tips

  • Tunnels and skyways may twist and turn through buildings.
  • Routes can jump to different levels or pass through uncommon areas.
  • Pilot your course using the Gopher Way signs and maps along each route.


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