Estimated Walking Times

4th Street Ramp to Northrop Auditorium 6 minutes
Northrop Auditorium to Coffman 5 minutes
Coffman to Frontier Hall 9 minutes
Frontier Hall to U Rec Center 8 minutes
U Rec Center to Walter Library 7 minutes
Walter library to Sanford Hall 10 minutes
Willey Hall to Wilson Library 5 minutes
Wilson Library to 19th Avenue Ramp 3 minutes
19th Avenue Ramp to Walter Mondale Hall 9 minutes
Across the Washington Avenue Bridge 5 minutes
Carlson School to Cedar/Riverside light rail station 12 minutes
Lot S108 to St. Paul Student Center 8 minutes
St. Paul Student Center to St. Paul Gym 6 minutes
St. Paul Gym to Cargill Genomics Building 7 minutes
Cargill Genomics Building to Gabbert Raptor Center 5 minutes
Gabbert Raptor Center to Lot S101 6 minutes

Note: Times are appoximate and based on an average walking pace of three miles per hour.